Blind date: PowerShell & dbatools Blind date: PowerShell & dbatools

Last month I have demonstrated how to contribute to the dbatools.io without touching PowerShell editor. This time let’s see how to do some PowerShell, shall we? So exciting! However, you might find here why some stuff did not work quite well, as I found the hard way. You’ve been warned. Invite dbatools for dinner (or…

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dbatools.io – how to contribute? dbatools.io – how to contribute?

What dbatools.io is? That’s what you can find on their website. dbatools is a free PowerShell module with over 500 SQL Server best practice, administration, development and migration commands included. Currently, other components of SQL Server such as SSIS, SSRS and SSAS are not supported, but they are part of the overall goal. The high…

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SQLFamily SQLFamily

1… 2… 3… testing. It’s another T-SQL Tuesday and my first post in the series. Thanks to Jess Pomfret (b|t) for bringing this topic up.   There are many hacks that helped me in life (either personal or professional), but I wanted to share my biggest ‘hack’ so far. It is #SQLFamily. The group of…

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AzureAdventCalendar.com AzureAdventCalendar.com

Azure Advent Calendar About three months ago @Pixel_Robots and @gregor_suttie has invited the community to participate in Azure Advent Calendar. Working with Azure? Join the 2019 Azure Advent Calendar and showcase your knowledge where others can benefit, help the Azure Community and help each other.#azurefamily #azureadventcalendar https://t.co/s0U6SFh97zplease retweet pic.twitter.com/nTUcD3rIzG — Gregor Suttie – in Prague (@gregor_suttie)…

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Girl feeding pigeons Girl feeding pigeons

Following the Data:Scotland conference I have uploaded my presentation to GitHub as well as official Data:Scotland repository. If you missed that session, here are some happy faces!

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