Tooltip in Power BI Desktop.

Today I have learned how I can use and change the tooltip in my visualizations in Power BI Desktop. So far I have used them with the default settings. From now on my charts could be much prettier when I change or add some details even other visualization. What is tooltip and what is for?

Microsoft said:
“Tooltips are an elegant way of providing more contextual information and detail to data points on a visual.” 

Microsoft documentation.

Customize tooltips in Power BI.

The tooltip frame is dark as default and has an axis and a column value, but it could be customized as I want. On the right side, under FIELDS tab, I can add additional fields from data to my tooltip frame.

Adding fields to a tooltips.

Then I would like to change the colour of my frame. On the right side under the FORMAT tab, I have TOOLTIP so I can turn them ON or OFF and also I can change the colours of background, labels, values, text size or font family, as I want to.

Changing colours, text, font in tooltip.

How to show on my chart another visualization?

At first, I need to choose which chart will be shown as a TOOLTIP, then go to this page in my Power BI. At second, I need to turn ON my tooltip on that page, I do it by activating the page behind my chart. Then on the right side, under my FORMAT tab, I have PAGE INFORMATION, where will be the NAME of my PAGE and switch to turn ON or turn OFF my tooltip.

Turn on tooltip – Format>Page information.

Third step. I need to open the page with visualization, where I want to see my TOOLTIP, click on the chart and go to the FORMAT, then TOOLTIP – should be ON. Then from TYPE, I should choose “Report page” and from PAGE I choose the name of my page with TOOLTIP visualization.

Turn on tooltip – Format>Tooltip – raport page and name.

Now when I click on my chart I have a preview of another chart. It is easy and nice.

Tooltip as a chart

I have a lot of fun playing with the tooltips. It also helps me to get my visualizations more precise and clear.

Thank you, Magda

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