Speaking at SQL Friday

SQL Friday

This Friday, October 23rd I am going to deliver a session about MSX and TSX and pigeons at SQL Friday #21.

What is SQL Friday?

It’s the online meetup that occurs every Friday at noon CEST hosted by Magnus Ahlkvist (blog|twitter) and financed by Transmokopter SQL AB.

All sessions are being recorded and available on YouTube.

Who else is there?

If you want to see the previous sessions go to the schedule and click one of the links to YouTube. There is also a list of sessions scheduled for the rest of the year.

I want to be there too

If you wish to deliver a session on the event there is an open call for speakers for the first half of the 2021.

Either way, just come and join us on Friday and learn something about pigeons or SQL Server…

Thank you,

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