dbatools.io = command-line SQL Server Management Studio: Table of contents

dbatools = command-line SSMS

Table of contents for the dbatools.io = command-line SQL Server Management Studio series.

  1. An overview of how to start using dbatools to run queries against your SQL Server instance.
    dbatools: Connect, Query and Save

  2. If you want to look at your SQL instance and see your objects here is how you can do it.
    dbatools: Let me see

  3. Adding new objects to your SQL instance has never been easier.
    dbatools: Something new

  4. There are times where you need to drop something from your SQL instance.
    dbatools: Drop it

  5. OK, so it is all set up. Now, change it.
    dbatools: Request for change

  6. Do you have backup?
    dbatools: Backup-Restore

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