T-SQL Tuesday #123: Life hacks to make your day easier


1… 2… 3… testing. It’s another T-SQL Tuesday and my first post in the series. Thanks to Jess Pomfret (b|t) for bringing this topic up.  

There are many hacks that helped me in life (either personal or professional), but I wanted to share my biggest ‘hack’ so far. It is #SQLFamily. The group of friendly professionals who are not only helping you with your work, development but life in general.

The first time I’ve experienced the ‘good vibes’ from the community was back in 2015 in Katowice, Poland at the monthly meetups with Data Community Poland. Over course of fewer than 5 years, I’ve attended multiple data-related conferences, meetups in Poland and in the UK. If attending itself was not enough, I’ve even presented a few topics too.

Conferences and meetups are a great way to meet people, connect with them. I understood that being awesome and extremely helpful does not come easy. All those people work(ed) hard to be in the place they are now, but lots of them started where I was 5 years ago – shy and clueless about the potential of the big community.

The meetups opened my eyes, I’ve met people I could learn from. People like me, sometimes struggling with day-to-day work. People who had similar problems and already had solutions to them. Thanks to those monthly events I found out about the conferences. And…

The conferences were something totally new to me. Not only replicating what I’ve learned at the user group meetings but moved my experience to a different level. I’ve met people who I always admired, or knew their names from the books/blogs. I could actually talk to them, ask questions in person.

Besides that, there is Twitter’s #SQLHelp hashtag. A place where you can put any of your work-related questions and you will get an instant answer from people who know what they are doing.

Finally, here are only a few places where you can get connected with SQL Family / Community:
https://sqlcommunity.slack.com/ – the Slack channel
https://twitter.com/search?q=%23sqlhelp&src=typed_query&f=live – #SQLHelp on Twitter
https://www.sqlsaturday.com/Events.aspx – main page for PASS SQL Saturday events

Besides that, try looking for your local user group (data platform, etc) on Meetup.com or simply attend one of the conferences in your area. This link might be helpful as well.

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